So, I’ve been wanting to write for a few days here, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Today I found the energy and the inspiration to do so. I was talking with a really good friend of mine and she brought something to my attention that I never was able to put into words…until now. 

I truly think there is a sort of post-grad depression. And not like the sadness of not drinking every weekend, pulling all nighters studying, sorority events, etc. I mean the fact that many college grads can’t get jobs in their field, so they take another position that is exactly what mom and dad warned you about. Same routine. Every day. In and out. Wake up, go to work, pay bills, go to sleep, repeat. I know I saw my parents do this every day of my life. Everyone warned us, they told us to live up college years because they will be the best of your life, but we (of course) knew better. 

We would be making money! No more exams! No more silly busy work! No more research! No more failing exams! It’s all over! We can finally be the successful person we always knew we could be!

Except we’re not. 

We’re exhausted. We’re poor. We’re working 50+ hours a week trying to find a way to just get by. I feel so dumb writing this because I KNOW my parents told me all this. But I didn’t listen. (Sorry, Mom and Dad). 

Don’t get me wrong. I love my little family. My future hubby is my everything. My fur (and reptile) babies bring me so much joy! But there’s more to it than that. There’s the constant beating down at work trying to push you harder, further, to make you more successful. And I’m not saying at my job. This is something I’ve seen across most if not all jobs, in all fields. Our push to be successful is beaten like a dusty rug. We thought when we graduated college the blatant failure would be over. It would be little mistakes that could be corrected. But that is anything but true. Your lack of success is broadcasted like a freaking billboard, just contrasting the “success” of everyone on social media. 

If you’re in these shoes, you’re not alone. If you think that you’re feeling awfully sad since graduating and feel lost and unwanted. It’s not just you. We all feel it. Better days will come. They always do, just stick around to see them. 

Me ❤

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