Hello from the outside…

Hi friends.

I haven’t written in literally forever, and I apologize for that. I had been doing so well. Like so well. I was actually happy for what felt like once in my life. But, fall happened. And Adele’s new song happened. And job changes happened. And BIG life changes happened. These are all positive things. I mean who doesn’t like fall? And who doesn’t LOVE Adele’s new song (because I’ve had it on repeat for the entire night)? And who doesn’t like getting a job in your degree field? And lastly, who doesn’t like getting ENGAGED? All of these things have brought me so many blessings and such happiness, but there is still this lingering depression that, as soon as the sunlight began to disappear, came tapping me on the shoulder. My depression was like, “Oh hey there! Miss me? I’m back!”

I’ve had 3 days off this week, and I have one more off tomorrow before back to the work grind. Which is awesome! I mean, 4 days off? What is life? But as much as I have had my friends, family, and my fiance encouraging me to get out and go for a walk, or just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having, I had trouble getting out of bed all week this week. I tried to brush it off, “Oh, you worked 50 hours last week, you’re just catching up,” but in reality I was beginning my vicious winter cycle of sleeping every chance I get. It did not hit me until I read this AMAZING article published on TWLOHA’s Facebook page.


I lay in bed, listening to Adele (basic, I know), crying reading this article because it is so f***ing true, I could not hold my emotions back any longer. I had to let my depression in. I had to let it take over.

I have been forced to hide my depression at my new job for reasons that are totally understandable, but it is so hard. I want to help these girls by sharing my story because not only is it healing for me, but it may provide healing for them as well. But all of that is part of something that I cannot control. I’m sorry for the mini side rant.

Regardless, I need to just acknowledge my depression and accept it again. I had some idea in my head that finding my one, getting engaged and planning a wedding would solve my depression (knowing better, all the while). My fiance has been amazing, and takes the best care of me. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so thankful for him. He is always cognizant of my mental illness and forgives me when I sleep the day away regardless of what he wants to do among a gazillion other things. I love you, baby. Forever and Always.

So, for those of you who take the time to read this, thank you. And let me help you, help me accept my mental illness and work towards living in acceptance. Once I accept myself and my mental illness, maybe others will accept the idea of mental illness too. Who knows?



P.S. My favorite part of the article on TWLOHA’s page was this…

“I wasn’t a good enough wife.

I wasn’t a good enough friend.

I wasn’t a good enough daughter/granddaughter/niece/co-worker.

The critical things people said to me or about me, the mean things they wrote — those were the truest parts of who I was. The niceties, the compliments, and the solid, unwavering support of those who always had my back were all instances of temporary kindness. I was and could only be an obligation,” (Jensen, 2015)

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